Things Your Buyers Want to Know

We have found that buyers generally want to know the same things over and over again. Which is why we created this guide! To help you create your listing and move people to buy. The customers can't see your item in person and won't be able to tell how awesome it is. So let's not leave anything to chance! The qualities of your item won't be obvious to the customer, so your description is your chance to really make them feel as if the item is in front of them.


  • What is it? You probably know what it is, but it may not be that obvious to the customer.
  • How big is it? Your buyers don't want to guess if your painting is going to fit nicely over their bed!
  • What color is it? Their monitor may not be calibrated the same as yours, so get descriptive here.
  • What is it made from?
  • Who is this meant for?
  • How do I care for it?
  • Is this decorative? Or functional?
  • What are the tactile qualities?
  • Do I get everything pictured?
  • Will it fit me? This is especially true for clothes! You can walk into a store and try on four things and only one fits well. So online shopping is a gamble. Be extensive with your measurements!
  • Is it ready-to-go? Is the art framed? Is it ready to hang?
  • How does it arrive? Is it made-to-order? Gift wrapped?


Remember this isn't an exhaustive list! It's only a start to get you really thinking as you create your listings. Now go sell some of your work!


Use the space in the comments to share anything that you include in your descriptions.