Basics of Branding Packages

If your ultimate goal is to your hobby into a full-time online retailer-ship, you're probably considering the steps that will get your business to the next level. Building a reputation starts with basic branding strategies; labels, packaging and order fulfillment all play a role in creating a shopping experience your customers will just have to tell their friends about. Below are three components of physical branding.



If you overlook your labels, you are missing a huge opportunity. Labels make your items easily recognizable and noticeable to others. It will help people track you down long after they have bought your product. You could add a sticker to the back or bottom of your product. You could use hangtags to label your products. Or perhaps a custom stamp!



Your packaging will become an extension of your brand. We would also suggest adding gift-wrap options if your product is very gift able.  Your packaging is a great opportunity to showcase your brand's colors, fonts and aesthetic. You may also want to showcase a photo of your product with the packaging. Try to think of something memorable and considerate when you are packaging, like a thank you note. Lastly, leave a business card and perhaps a coupon card.



To help with your workflow we suggest having an in-studio shipping station. Stay well-stocked for the items you need to package and ship your products. (Tape, scissors, boxes, scale, stickers, packaging materials, thank-you's, business cards, etc.) And use your logo on the outside of your package so it's easily recognizable.


What are the essentials for your packaging and shipping?