4 Tips to Boost Your SEO

It's probably no secret to you that the secret to SEO is the key to increasing traffic to your shop. There are a ton of elements that make up SEO. But inbound links are a great first step for shop owners. Inbound links (or backlinks) are the incoming links directing people to a specific page of your site.


So why are these links important? Search engines don't just look at keywords, they want to know how engaging your content and site are. The more relevant and influential incoming links you have, the higher you'll land in search engines. Let's talk about 4 tips to help your shop:


  1. You can be your own publicist by sharing links to your product listings on social channels. You can also create links within your descriptions to send them to a related product they may love. 
  2. Utilize your connections! Do you know people with blogs or large social media accounts? Would they be a good place to promote your shop? Take turns plugging each other!
  3. Pair up! Find people with common interests and team up to form a small group. Write blog posts on one another, feature one another.
  4. Guest blog. Look up your favorite blogs and find out you can contribute. Ask for a short bio in the article and a link back to your site.


How do you get the word out there about your shop? Share your answer below.