Seller Agreement


Last Updated: July 19th, 2019

Handmade Pop-Up (“we”, “us” or “our”) respects the rights of its sellers. This Seller Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by the seller, (hereinafter, “you” or “Seller”) and Handmade Pop-Up. This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions governing your application and participation in Handmade Pop-Up (“Event” or “Events”). By applying and/or participating as a Seller in any Event, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms set out below.
By accessing our Website and any related Services, you are also agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. "You" means you individually or on behalf of a company, assuming you have the authority to bind such a legal entity on their behalf. If you do not agree to all the terms in this document, you may not use or access our Services.


Handmade Pop-Up is a juried Event, and not all applicants who apply will be accepted. Space is limited and we reserve the right to accept or reject any Seller in our sole discretion.


All Sellers understand that Handmade Pop-Up issued deadlines are mandatory. If you are accepted to participate as a Seller, you will receive an email from Handmade Pop-Up outlining the Event timeline and any mandatory deadlines. It is the responsibility of the Seller to provide, submit, and upload information in a timely and accurate manner. If you do not submit information and/or products on time or meet mandatory deadlines, we reserve the right to remove Sellers from the Event at our sole discretion.


Sellers understand that Handmade Pop-Up operates in USD. All product and shipping pricing must be converted accordingly by the Seller as applicable. All payouts will be issued in USD and will be subject to the most updated currency exchange rate at the time of payout.


Handmade Pop-Up collects a non-refundable jurying fee of $25 USD upon submitting your application. Handmade Pop-Up also collects a 9% commission on each sale you make, which is automatically deducted from the order.

Handmade Pop-Up agrees to provide all approved Sellers with 8 product listings in the online shop for the duration of the month-long Event. Each product is allowed up to 3 types of variants (Color, Size, etc.) and unlimited stock count (so long as you are able to fulfill all orders by the shipping deadline provided).

Every Seller will be included in our Website and Instagram Artist Directory. Sellers understand their participation in the Event does not guarantee sales and/or additional promotion on our platform. Promotional opportunities are an unpaid feature and come at the sole discretion of Handmade Pop-Up.


All applicants understand that whether or not you are accepted to participate in the event, the $25 USD jurying fee is completely non-refundable and covers the time and resources spent carefully reviewing all applications.


You are welcome to cancel at any time, however, the $25 USD jurying fee is completely non-refundable once your application has been submitted. If you do not wish to participate after you are accepted, please let us know and we can remove you from the mailing list and Artist Directory.


Handmade Pop-Up is an online global event that requires all participating Sellers to ship internationally. It is the responsibility of the Seller to price all product and shipping in USD and with consideration to exchange rates. As shipping rates are different in every country, we are not able to offer guidance on individual pricing.

All sellers agree to timely fulfillment of their orders. There is a strict event-wide shipping turnaround and all orders must be fulfilled within 7 business days of the order, unless coordinated otherwise with your customer. You will be provided with your customer’s name & address automatically as you make sales.

Shipping deadlines are very important to the success and integrity of the event. Once your item is shipped, you are required to provide confirmation of shipment. It is not mandatory to pay for tracked shipping, but it is the sole responsibility of the Seller to bear the cost of replacing any lost or damaged parcels. Handmade Pop-Up will not invoice or collect additional payment from customers once their order is processed. If you undercharge for your shipping or set it up incorrectly, Handmade Pop-Up is not financially responsible. If you are found out to be trying to collect additional payments from customers, we reserve the right to remove you immediately from the Event.


Handmade Pop-Up will release earned funds to respective vendors in the month following the close of the Event. Seller payouts will include product and shipping cost, minus the 9% commission rate and the platform’s payment processing fees (2.6% + 30¢). Payouts can take upwards of 3 weeks from the last day of the Event as funds travel from our account to yours. We cannot begin your payout process until a shipping confirmation for all of your orders has been received. If you miss the mandatory event-wide shipping turnaround time, there is a chance this will in turn delay your payout.


Handmade Pop-Up has stated a no-return policy across the platform. However, if a product or parcel is lost, damaged, or in question by the customer for any reason, the Seller is expected to work with us toward a resolution. It is important that concerns are addressed responsibly so each Customer has a positive experience with the Event. We will facilitate communication between the Seller and the Customer, but Handmade Pop-Up is not responsible for the cost to re-ship or replace any products or parcels.


Handmade Pop-Up takes content, copyright, and intellectual property seriously. All product uploaded to the shop must be kept in the spirit of handmade: an original idea, thoughtfully designed, and well-crafted by you or a collective you’re directly part of.

As a Seller with Handmade Pop-Up, it is your responsibility to uphold your own legal responsibilities and ensure it does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of other individuals or entities. By selling your work through us, you agree that you own all copyright and trademark rights, and you are entirely responsible for your own content. You agree that all content is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and legal. You agree to release Handmade Pop-Up of any and all claims made against you and/or your work with respect to content, copyright, and intellectual property.

Every Seller retains full rights to their work. By participating in Handmade Pop-Up, you grant us permission to share any voluntarily submitted content (writing, photography, or otherwise) for marketing materials and promotion of the Event or future Events on our: social media, website, newsletter, etc. Artist credit will appear as written text and/or links directing to the Seller’s website.


You, the Seller, hereby agree:

This Agreement constitutes a contract between yourself as “Seller” and Handmade Pop-Up.

To abide by the rules and regulations outlined by Handmade Pop-Up, which allow you to sell the product described in your Artist Application by the terms set forth in this Agreement.

In consideration for your payment of application and jurying fees, the Agreement, if issued, will give you the non-exclusive and limited right to sell the merchandise specified in your Artist Application on Handmade Pop-Up.

You are authorized to sell the product listed in your Artist Application, and the sale or display of stolen and/or counterfeit designs/products is strictly forbidden.

You understand that your participation in the Event may be immediately revoked without refund or notice if you are believed to be violating the Agreement or any other Terms of Service or contracts in effect.



If you have any questions regarding our Seller Agreement or other documents, please contact Grace Gulley and Samantha Shaw at