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We want to make this is simple as possible. That's why we are very upfront about what it will cost you! The only fees you pay to HMPU are the one-time jury and listing fee. 


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Here's what some of our incredible vendors have to say about being part of Handmade Pop-up community:


The first time I participated in Handmade Pop-Up I had zero experience selling my work online. The HMPU community energized and supported me through the new territory and the experience blew me away. I felt motivated by my fellow makers to share my work in a meaningful and intentional way and learned so much about delivering a quality experience to new customers. I formed relationships with fellow creatives and we have continued to support each other over the past year. That support in itself has been invaluable and the guidance delivered by Sam + Grace was priceless, what an incredible platform! Personally, the best part was the confidence it gave me to continue to share and sell my artwork... I owe a lot to the Handmade Pop-Up for that, truly.



I first heard of Handmade Popup from Maker's Movement. This was in the very beginning of my journey as a maker so I didn't know what to expect. I'm happy to say that it couldn't have been a more positive experience! Sam and Grace were both so sweet when facilitating such a large number of vendors. The vendor packet was very thorough and I knew exactly what I needed to do without any confusion.

Being a part of the HMPU has put me in front customers all over the world that wouldn't have found my work otherwise. Many of these customers have continued to support my work throughout the years! The vendors continue to surprise me with their level of support of one another, whether it's through the vendor Facebook group or sharing fellow vendors when the shop goes live.



I love participating in Handmade Pop-Up online because as a Los Angeles based artist, the majority of the events are near me. This allows people the opportunity to purchase my work from all over the world. HMPU has helped me reach a new audience that might not have found out about me otherwise. I always enjoy being part of a curated event because it becomes a one stop shop for people!

I now have new customers and friends because of the pop-up. I am such a studio rat and getting out can be challenging with my work schedule. This has been a fun way of connecting with new people that I wouldn't have time to meet otherwise.





My name is Ellen and I’m the hands behind FIBROUS, a woven goods and fiber accessory brand in Austin, TX. As someone who already does most of my business online, I‘ve always felt right at home as a vendor for the Handmade Pop-Up.

Sharing my work alongside dozens of incredible women-run businesses all over the globe has not only been inspiring, but challenging and unifying in all the right ways. I find it creatively re-energizing to meet other women who are working in vastly different mediums, yet share the same passion for their process. Connecting with them throughout the market has sparked friendships and conversations that have pushed me forward as both an artist and business person-not to mention my collection of handmade goods is growing exponentially! Moving forward, I hope to be able to foster that space for others as Grace and Sam both have for me and I’m incredibly thankful to take part in this community as both a vendor and customer at The Handmade Pop-Up.



Handmade Pop-Up is one of my all-time favorite selling opportunities out there…and I’ve tried a lot of them! Not only is it curated so well, which makes my own product feel more high-end, it’s also low-risk and high reward!

Sam and Grace make it so easy and simple to participate, it’s almost too easy, but it always ends up a huge success! My customer base and social following always grows during and after each event, and I feel like without the opportunities and the encouragement from The Handmade Pop-Up I would be several steps behind in my creative business. I not only love being a part of the event itself, I love the community they build—it’s always so validating to see so many makers support and encourage one another! 


Cabal Crafted Studio - Walter Cabal.jpg

Grace and Sam are somehow able to bring a high-bar professionalism and keep reachable accessibility to the Handmade Pop-Up. Cabal Crafted has never felt like it was just “another vendor”, nor has it ever felt like I was participating in some low quality vanity project. I’m convinced that they don’t just want to grow the maker / small business community with the HMPU, but that they also want to grow with the maker small business community. No one else that I know of is doing something as sustainable or intimately innovative for makers in this way.

I’m glad that they evaluate which vendors make sense for each pop-up. Participating with them has helped Cabal Crafted observe how its approach to Design and Craft interacts with a global audience without the risk of being drowned beneath thousands of other vendors' “stuff”. 



Being featured in two rounds of Handmade Pop Up this year has been such a boost for my growing business. Having my work recognized and featured alongside the work of so many other makers I have admired for a while has been such a thrill. What people who shop the pop-up may not realize about the experience, is that behind the scenes a little community of makers forms to share advice, to talk about the challenges of running their handmade business - and helping to give each other support. In the busy landscape of social media, it's easy to get lost among the many other creatives out there, but the Handmade Pop-Up really tries to promote the makers it showcases using its platform to share your story - not only when the Pop-Up is open, but year-round. Being part of the Pop-Up has brought so many unexpected gifts my way - from bringing new customers and social media followers, to connecting with new shops around the world who now carry my work -  to connecting me to other designers who have become friends and sources of support. 



I applied to be a vendor at Handmade Pop-up on a whim. I drooled over photos of past pop-ups and was unsure Frandles would make the cut. Although, once accepted, Handmade Pop-up turned out to be more than just pretty pictures.

I was surrounded by hundreds of vendors who were kind, helpful, and excited for one other. Without The Handmade Pop-up, I may have never connected with so many talented artists and small business owners who continue to support each other! 




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