Vendor Agreement



  • Each Vendor will review the Vendor Agreement prior to applying.
  • Merchandise must be kept in the spirit of handmade.
  • We do not tolerate intellectual property infringement and any case of this will be the responsibility of the vendor.
  • We charge a $15 USD non-refundable jurying / processing fee per application.
  • If you are not accepted as a vendor, your listing fee will be refunded, but the jurying fee will not.
  • There will be no refunds of listing fees once acceptance letters have gone out.
  • Be very mindful of deadlines we set forth once accepted. Calendars and alarms are your friend!
  • All prices will be listed at 10% off of retail.
  • Vendors can apply for 5 listings (with a maximum of 5 variants PER listing and 10 stock PER listing) or 10 listings (with a maximum of 5 variants PER listing and unlimited inventory stock).
  • Shipping is the responsibility of the vendor, not The Handmade Pop-Up. Shipping deadlines should be respected to maintain the pop-up’s integrity.
  • As a vendor, you understand we may use your photos for marketing materials and the promotion of the event



After acceptance letters are mailed out, you are free to cancel but no refunds will be issued for jurying and/or listing fees.



As a vendor with The Handmade Pop-Up, it is your responsibility to uphold your own legal responsibilities and ensure it does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of other individuals or entities. By selling your work through Us, you agree that you own all copyright and trademark rights, and you are entirely responsible for your own content. You also agree that all content is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and legal.


Once you are accepted you will receive an email from The Handmade Pop-Up outlining the process to submit your products to be listed. We are working on a very tight deadline and ask all vendors to be respectful of the dates we request information back. In the case you are not able to submit on time, it is at our discretion if we can include you (no refunds will be issued if this is the case). Please be fastidious in submitting the requested information, as we will not have time to proof listings.


You will have the choice of applying for 5 product listings ($30 USD) or 10 product listings ($55 USD). Each product listing will have a maximum of 5 variants. There is no cap on stock inventory count if you opt for the 10 listing option, the 5 product listing has a cap of 10 stock inventory count PER listing. Once the stock is depleted and the item is sold out, you will not be able to restock.


It is the responsibility of the vendor to price all product and shipping accordingly.

We are able to set separate shipping rules per vendor, but can only accommodate 5 different regions (i.e. USA / CAN / UK / AUS / INTL. You will have the option of setting shipping as a flat-rate based on location, or set by weight and location. As shipping rates are different in every country, we are not able to offer guidance on individual pricing.

In order to create incentive for buyers to shop with The Handmade Pop-Up, we would like to offer a market discount code. We ask that all vendors be willing to allow a 10% discount from their retail price. If we do notice that you have manipulated your pricing to accommodate for this price reduction, your listing may be revoked as we have to maintain The Handmade Pop-Up’s integrity.


All accepted vendors are responsible for the timely shipping of their items. Addresses and shipping information will be provided automatically as vendors make sales.  We ask that vendors have items in the post at least 5 business days following the sale. Shipping deadlines are very important to the success and integrity of the event. Once your item is shipped, please provide The Handmade Pop-Up with a tracking number so we can update the customer.


The Handmade Pop-Up will release all funds received (minus 2.9% + .30¢ Shopify fees) to respective vendors. We will begin the process of releasing funds to vendors once confirmation of shipment is received. Please note, this can take upwards of 3 weeks as the funds travel from Shopify to our accounts, and then to you.


We have specified a no-return policy for all items. If the item is defective or damaged, we ask that all customers contact the vendor directly to discuss their options. We are not responsible for any shipping inquiries or claims, but it is important to us that concerns are addressed responsibly so each customer has a positive experience with the pop-up.


I agree that I am only authorized to sell the type of merchandise listed in my Vendor Application.

Sale or display of counterfeit merchandise is strictly forbidden.

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations provided by The Handmade Pop-Up, which allow me to sell the merchandise described in my Vendor Application at The Handmade Pop-Up on the terms set forth in the Agreement (this “Agreement"). I understand that this agreement constitutes a contract between myself as “Vendor” as licensee and The Handmade Pop-Up. In consideration for my payment of vendor fees, the Agreement, if issued, will give me the non-exclusive and limited right to sell the merchandise specified in my Vendor Application on The Handmade Pop-Up.  I understand that my Agreement may be revoked for violations of the Agreement or any other Rules and Regulations in effect from time to time.

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