In bloom April 19th.
In bloom April 19th.
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Q+A with Georgia Colon of Herban Roots

Natural Beauty Q+A

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft.

I'm a stay at home mama to 4 wild and free little ones, from ages 7 mos to 6 yrs. We live on a little piece of family farmland in Eastern NC, where we spend our days "unschooling" and dreaming of running a sustainable community garden/farm one day! I inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from my dad, but never intended to start a business with Herban Roots. It was born rather organically from a passion to provide my family with healthy, safe alternatives to chemical skincare products, without having to sacrifice on quality or luxury. I came into the market at a prime time where there is both a growing realization of the toxicity in traditional over the counter products, and a demand for natural solutions that won't leave you wanting. I formulate and create all natural Deodorant, Insect Repellent, salves, balms, and more!

Where do you draw energy and inspiration for your work?

My energy and inspiration are both drawn from a deep desire to live as purely and holistically as possible, and to provide nothing but the best for my children. I'm also inspired by the awesome beauty and intelligence with which the earth was designed, and the power that it holds to nourish and heal.

What’s one of your favorite moments of the creative process? 

My favorite part of the process by far, is the research and development phase. I love learning new things about herbs and oils and botanicals and brainstorming about how to bring them together to work synergistically for me. This is followed closely by that 1,257th try where the formula FINALLY comes out just.right. and I know I've got it!

As small business owners, I think it’s safe to say we learn as we go! What’s something you’ve learned from operating your business that you wish you could have told yourself when you started?

No man is an island! I spent a good two years bootstrapping my business without really seeking any advice, help, or support from other makers or coaches. Since I've started to glean from the wisdom and experience of other creatives and small business professionals, the road has become so much more smooth and the path a lot more clear.

What roadblocks have you hit and overcome as a small business owner?

Being a one woman show and wearing all the hats is sometimes a necessity at the start of things, but it is an undoubtedly exhausting and overwhelming task, and not a sustainable one long term. I finally came to the point where I realized that something was going to break if I didn't start outsourcing some of the tasks that were sucking the time and energy out of my life. I started seeking to hire out jobs where I could - trying to narrow it down to where I was only doing the things that I was really good at and truly enjoyed. I'm still in that process, but it's liberating experience to be able to say " You know what, I can afford to pay someone else to do that" , and see my time freed up to pursue the things that inspired me to start the business in the first place.

What do you have planned for your business in the months to come? Any new projects, collabs, collections you can hint at?

I have a couple of top secret new products in the queue, and am working on the idea of starting a womens' business networking group for handmade businesses, where we can get together to support, and learn from one another and host events.

Tell us about a small victory! The little things are so worthy of celebration! 

I was recently headhunted by a buyer from a large lifestyle e-commerce site/app who said that they were impressed with my products and wanted to discuss a possible partnership. We haven't settled the terms as of yet, but I feel like you hit a new level of success when business comes looking for you!

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