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Easy To Breathe: The Process

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Easy To Breathe – From Sketch to Stone

You know those moments you wish you could freeze and put in your pocket forever? Well, there’s just something special about designing a space to honor and celebrate that tugs on my silly heartstrings. Let it be a Wednesday night dinner at home with your partner or family.. a friendly gathering over drinks, or morning ritual of tea and meditation. Those very moments are what it’s all about.. To simply celebrate the present moment.. to serve a homemade creation on a handmade vessel. To embrace a sacred practice of creating with your hands every day and honoring yourself for creatively and freely expressing.

With a busy life comes a need to slow down, celebrate, and re-connect with the breath of your life, because really we all deserve it! Whatever you do, know you can be the maker of those moments.

Easy To Breathe is a collection of small-batch ceramics made with intentions to help bring those timeless moments into your home and every day. I, Mariana, am a one-woman show behind the vision and the wheel, where each ceramic piece is handcrafted from sketch to stone in my Los Angeles home studio.

The creative process from sketch to stone fuels my ideas to plant a story on paper, allowing it's direction to flow and shortly after bringing to life as a functional object. From tumblers and bowls for the kitchen to sacred objects for the home to unique offerings for the self, I draw inspiration from the freedom of letting go.

By letting clay be my teacher, I invite expectations to drift away in order to make room for the natural rhythm of what’s really supposed to be happening. My greatest joy lies in sharing pieces of my labor of love with the world and taking work breaks to cook cactus and enjoy off of my favorite plate.

To see more of Mariana's work visit her Instagram or Website.