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Dunole: The Process

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Hello! My name is Jacklyn and I am the #girlboss for Dunole. I have always had a passion for designing and handcrafting pieces of beauty, both in function & character. I want to make ethical drool-worthy products that are functional, timeless, and a little bewitching to your eye. I strive to make pieces that instill pride with their use. As, there is something special about each item, specifically, where they came from, their story, and the time behind the piece.



Each of my bags and wallets preserve the traditional methods of working with leather. They are beautifully unique because each piece is truly and completely stitched entirely by hand, you won't find a machine stitch anywhere. This process isn't something easily found anymore and even on my Pendleton wool products I pride myself on still using a majority of hand stitching because it’s such a special touch that I enjoy putting into every piece.


I use American made materials because I trust the companies. I know where their material has come from and their ethics behind their work and workers health. It is the utmost importance; and their quality alone stands out against the test of time. I want my work to become a functional part of your everyday life. So, when I challenged myself to work with leather for its quality I also self-taught myself the traditional craftsmanship used with leather products. This proved over and over again that the product would stand up to wear and tear, and function the way quality products should; only getting better with age.



From designing to packaging each piece, I am consumed in the beautiful chaos of running my small business. It alone has challenged me in more ways than I could have possibly imagined and has even made me surrender my sanity at times, but there is nothing more wonderful than selling something you put so much love into. This is truly a work of happiness and love and I am incredibly thankful to all those who also find the beauty in handmade.



To see more of Jacklyn's work visit her Instagram or Website.