Sol Y Mano Studio

Tell us about what you do.

I make embroideries and weavings that are primarily inspired by the Southwest, my travels, and traditional textiles. In each of my pieces I strive to evoke the feeling of a place, whether it's the forested mountains of Colorado, the dry deserts of New Mexico and Utah, or a lush busy boulevard in Madrid. Place, as both a concept and a physical space, has always been incredibly important to me. Through color and pattern, I aim to explore and capture the memory of how a place made me feel. 


What’s your favorite thing about your creative process?

I love the physicality of sewing and weaving; both have a meditative quality. My favorite part of my process is once I have my design and color palette planned, and I can completely focus on and give into the rhythm of making the piece.


How do you prepare your business for holiday season?

This is Sol y Mano's first holiday season! The holidays are the busiest time for me at my full-time job, so this year I'm working really hard on figuring out the balance between my business and my job. I think starting to prepare mid-summer and being very organized are key, as well as knowing what is reasonable to take on. I couldn’t be happier to launch my first holiday season with The Handmade Pop-Up!


Do you have any other projects that you are excited about aside from your primary medium? 

I enjoy painting watercolor cards for my family and friends. For birthdays or special occasions, I’ll draw and then paint something that is unique to the person. At one point I thought about designing cards for a general audience, but I struggled to come up with ideas that I liked. The people who are important to me inspire my card making in a very unique way, and I love being able to give them a small piece of art that’s reflective of that. 


What has been the best advice you have received in regard to running a creative business?

The best advice I've received is pretty simple: keep at it and stay true to you. Building a business takes time and patience. It's easy to start comparing yourself to others, whether it be their work or the speed of their success, but accepting where you are at with building your business allows you to stay focused on your work and develop your creative voice.

What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you!

I was named after a cat. When I was born, my parents had a cat named Eleanor (after Eleanor Roosevelt). They couldn't name me the same as the cat, so I became Nora.


To see more of Nora's work visit her Instagram or Website.

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