Michelle Jean Studio


Hi, nice to meet you!

Tell us about yourself and what you create.

Hi, I’m Michelle Jean from San Diego, CA.  I’m a graphic designer turned artist.  

Two years ago I quit my job and traveled through Europe and the UK on bicycle, in search of adventure and seeing what life has to offer. I enjoyed life’s simplicity and living in the moment. I gained clarity and insight - no matter what, I wanted to pursue my passion for art, and share that with others. 


What was your AHA moment? 

Three years ago, I gathered my art supplies I had in my home and sat down to create on a sunny afternoon, just for fun.  With no intentions or pressures, I was simply enjoying the process.  Eight months later that painting won a contest on Minted, this was the beginning of a life changing journey for me. I knew I needed to create and express myself through art.   


Where do you draw your energy and inspiration from?

I am a self taught artist and I am constantly learning.  I draw my inspiration from all that surrounds me, both the spectacular and the quiet beauty in the mundane.  I believe its possible to find inspiration anywhere and in anything, and to allow the universe to utilize me as a conduit by which to express myself.  I don’t overthink my art, but rather allow it to flow naturally and intuitively to achieve an expression of feeling. 


What are you go-to’s as far as podcasts, books or blogs?

I really enjoy the How I Built This podcast on NPR, it tells stories of different entrepreneurs and all their success and failures that got them to where they are today.  It reminds me that success doesn’t happen overnight, its a journey with many ups and downs.  But, if you believe in yourself, you will always succeed. 

A book that sits on my coffee table is The Joy of Painting - Bob Ross.  Its a little book with quotes and pictures from Bob Ross, it reminds me to keep things light in life, don’t take anything too seriously.  Enjoy the little things. 


What is the most challenging part of running your business?

I’m an artist, I love to create, but being an artist also means you do the advertising and marketing, the financials and negotiating, the planning, the packing and shipping, the customer service and managing.  Right now the most challenging part is playing all those roles, but its also a chance to learn and grow as a person. 


What is your favorite part of running your business?

The best part of being an artist is when all the hard work is done and you get to see the final product in its home. You get to see the beauty thats shared.  You get to see the smile on your client’s face.  That’s the best part. 


What is the best advice that has been given to you?

I recently came across a quote online, “The art you don’t care if anyone likes or not, that is the art you must make” - Ange Miller. Art is an expression for yourself.  I create from emotions within that need to escape onto the canvas.

I don’t overthink my art, but rather allow it to flow naturally and intuitively, to achieve an expression of feeling.

This is so important to me, remaining true to yourself. 


What is your favorite thing about the handmade community?

I love that in a world of everything being online and digital, we can still get that sense of community.  We can open our circle to the whole world, and come together to create an even larger community than before.  I am able to connect with someone in another country, that is amazing! The handmade community helps bring us together and make this possible. 


Who are some people you admire or look up to in this community?

I look up to all the vendors putting themselves out there and wanting to share their joy and passions with the world.  It takes guts to start your own business and put yourself out into the world. 


If you could work on that one dream project, what would it be?

It would be a dream to travel to other countries and create art. I would love to be an artist in residency in different places around the world and find inspiration from their culture.  Also, just to experience and see new perspectives on life. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a bubble, when you travel it opens your eyes. 


Thank you for sharing!

For more of their work:

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