Meet ia Kutateladze

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft.

Hello, I am Ia Kutateladze, product and jewelry designer from Tbilisi, Georgia currently living and working in Berlin. For the last 6 years I have been focused on creating furniture, lighting and other living accessories in Tbilisi. Always wanted to learn jewelry making, so last year I finally managed to learn this wonderful craft. Since my move to Berlin, I am mainly focused on creating one of a kind jewelry pieces, recycling the silver from old table ware and other objects, often merging it with other metals like copper and brass.


What was your AHA moment?

I think I had many AHA moments, every time I thought something would not work out and then as usual everything falls into place and I realize that we just have to give ourselves and our work some time, that nothing big can be accomplished in a day, we just have to keep doing what we love and put our heart and soul into it. Really, completely realizing something like this, that seems to simple but in practice is not so easy, Is my AHA moment.


Where do you draw energy and inspiration for your work?

Most of the energy that I get is from the love of design and creative process. The thrill of creating something that I have imagined, giving it real shape and function and then seeing people respond to it warmly, with emotions and seeing them using this objects or jewelry is strongest motivation for me.


What’s one of your favorite moments of the creative process?

Right now I am undergoing a major change in creative process. For years, the process used to be like this: creating a design, developing it, making technical drawings, working close with the artisans during the production. Right now, for the jewelry design, it is completely different. Lately I don’t sketch the design, I just work with materials and spontaneously get to the final outcome, which makes the process so much fun, so fulfilling and exciting. I have never experienced something like this before and it is definitely becoming my favorite way to create.


As small business owners, I think it’s safe to say we learn as we go! What’s something you’ve learned from operating your business that you wish you could have told yourself when you started?

Patience, love and hard work is all it takes to be fulfilled. I learnt it during these years and it makes everything much easier to accept these things and work with it.


What roadblocks have you hit and overcome as a small business owner?

There were always obstacles, back in Georgia the production process was not always going the way I wanted it to be, the market was also not so big and sometimes I found myself creating various things and not seeing them brought to life. Since my move to Germany, I have to undergo every step from the beginning, start anew, sometimes it is fulfilling but also very hard, to establish yourself in a new country.

What are your go-to podcasts, books or blogs?

I don’t a specific book or blog that I always go back to. There are many things from which I gain my knowledge and broaden my inspiration, some of them have bigger role than others, but in the end it somehow helps us evolve.


What is your favorite thing about the handmade community?

Favorite thing about the handmade community is the never ending creative energy that flows from person to person and sharing this creative energy with each other, learning from each other and inspiration one another. Just the common urge to create that unites us all is beautiful.


What do you have planned for your business in the months to come? Any new projects, collabs, collections you can hint at?

There so many things I tend to plan, sometimes it overwhelms me even to think about it. I really want to go back to product design again, I want to create many different objects, experiment with the materials more and learn new skills.


Tell us about a small victory! The little things are so worthy of celebration! (Anything that made you do your happy dance.)

I definitely do my happy dance when I receive wonderful responses from people, this is the most amazing moment when I think to myself- “I am doing something right if my work arises emotions in people.”


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