Little by Little

Hi, nice to meet you! Tell us about yourself and what you create.

    My name is Sarah, and I created Little by Little a couple of years ago initially as a side outlet for all the creative things I wanted to do besides my more structured work as a motion designer and animator. Little by Little now has a life of its own and it’s most certainly not a side outlet but my favorite thing to do and place to be! The current focus is on designing and screen printing textiles for the home but who knows what the future holds :)

    What was your AHA moment?

      My AHA moment was probably very early on in life (and then repeatedly after that specially everytime I moved Countries) when I realized that I was better off embracing being different rather than trying to fit in.


      Where do you draw your energy and inspiration from?

      I do my best to surrounding myself with wonderful, encouraging and supportive people - that gives me energy and makes me a better person and hopefully makes my work better too. As for inspiration well, anything will do really - a walk on the park, a museum visit, a story I hear friends tell each other on the bus… I love mundane things.

      What are you go-to’s as far as podcasts, books or blogs?

      Oddly enough they are not particularly tied to my work subjects but I do love a good BBC World Service podcast in particularly ‘The Inquiry’ or ‘The Food Chain’ - I did mention I love mundane things! For books, anything that Gestalten publishes I want to own and read! As for blogs Jen Hewett is alway a lovely read.

      What is the most challenging part of running your business?

      Anything admin related makes me run up the walls and unfortunately by running your own business there is no way around it… it has to be done.

      What is your favorite part of running your business?

      All the wonderfully creative things I get to try and experiment with, seeing a product come to life after being just a little scribble on my sketchbook makes my day every single time!

      What is the best advice that has been given to you?

      Don’t listen to every piece of advice you’re given :)

      What is your favorite thing about the handmade community?

      It’s such a brilliantly encouraging and welcoming community. That really surprised me actually. People are always willing to help, isn’t that incredible? We’re all very lucky!

      Who are some people you admire or look up to in this community?

      Anyone with an good attitude and those who don’t take themselves too seriously. I think for instance Lisa Congdon covers that - even though I don’t know her personally, her work is a joy to follow. The endlessly talented and kind Jen Hewett as well as Hannah Beatrice Quinn who is also a wonderful ‘partner in crime’.

      If you could work on that one dream project, what would it be?

      Only one? I probably have too many really. I’d love to collaborate with established brands like Marimekko and Hay - I also dream of running my own creative space one day. Where people from different creative disciplines can work, teach, show and sell their work - that would be just fabulous! And anything that give me the excuse to have a nice, big, ever-changing window display, one day…


      Find Sarah online: // @littlebylittle_things