Meet LemonGlaze


Hi, nice to meet you!

Tell us about yourself and what you create.

Hi! My name is Carmen Aberasturi and the name of my business is LemonGlaze. My ceramics are hand-crafted in my small Texas studio. I make functional homeware and tableware inspired by minimal simplicity with care for detail.


What was your AHA moment?

My AHA moment was when I listened to the clay. I used to be clueless on the wheel until my teacher told me, “Listen to the clay.” I thought she was making a joke, until a few months later I was in my studio and the clay spoke to me. Then I knew exactly what she meant. Since then, I am better potter.


Where do you draw your energy and inspiration from?

I love the process behind working with clay, leaving behind traces of workmanship. Tool marks, oxide spots, variations in the clay. Every piece tells its own story-this is something I love to do.


What are you go-to’s as far as podcasts, books or blogs?

One of my favorite, most inspiring books is “Lucie Ray” by Tony Birks. Lucie Ray was at the potters wheel from youth to the day she died. I love her clean lines and uncomplicated forms.


What is the most challenging part of running your business?

The administrative part is the most complicated, I just want to make! It’s not that difficult but I want to be in my studio all the time.


What is your favorite part of running your business?

Besides making, the interaction with my customers is my favorite part. I work with mud, make functional objects and someone buys it from me. That is a humbling experience!


What is the best advice that has been given to you?

My grandfather gave me the best advice - treat all your customers the same way. “No hay cliente chico o cliente grande.” What he meant is that there is no customer more important than the other. We are all the same.


What is your favorite thing about the handmade community?

The handmade community becomes your family. All my maker friends I have met at craft shows have become like family, we help each other. There is a willingness to help and share.


Who are some people you admire or look up to in this community?

This is a hard one because I admire many. The Texas maker communities are amazing artists and are so resourceful. Renegade Austin, FleaStyle, Etsy Dallas, and Magnolia Silobration are filled with awesome makers and I have learned so much from all of them.


If you could work on that one dream project, what would it be?

I would like to get more into sculptural pieces. I make mostly functional homeware, but if I had the time I would like to investigate what else I could do with clay. Maybe when I retire!


Thank you for sharing!

For more of her work: // @lemonglaze