Laura the Maker

Tell us about what you do.

I’m Laura, an artist, maker, and puppy cuddler (yes, it’s my official title ;) I work with lots of different materials, but wood holds a special place in my heart (along with my golden retriever Penny). I love creating beautiful wooden objects for the home, both functional and decorative.


What’s your favorite thing about your creative process? 

My work is very heavily generated by catharsis. I start my pieces with a vague idea of what they will be, but let the material, tools, and my hands ultimately decide what comes out of the process—it’s always a little different, and allows each piece to have its own nuances.


How do you prepare your business for holiday season?

For the holiday season I definitely amp up my production (turning that ish to 11!). It’s all about getting as much made as possible in order to turn around as much product as possible. I juggle multiple projects and jobs for most of the year, but now that the holidays are coming up it’s all about focusing my time and energy toward making accessible and affordable pieces for my customers.

Do you have any other projects that you are excited about aside from your primary medium?

I’m always thinking about how wood and concrete meet! I’ve done a few projects incorporating both materials into one object, and while it’s always a challenge, it’s always SO rewarding. Last year I made a traditional Shaker side table with a cast concrete drawer. It took three attempts to get the dovetail detail, but it was totally worth it!


What has been the best advice you have received in regard to running a creative business?

I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten explicit advice about running a creative business, but something I’ve picked up along the way from fellow artists and makers, especially the CYL and MakersMovement online communities, is to just keep on making, no matter what. MAKE even when there are no customers, MAKE even when you are tired as all hell, MAKE even when you receive negative feedback. Let nothing stop you from making.

What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you!

I don’t post many pics of myself online so most online folks don’t know I have a handsaw tattooed on my left hand. It’s a pretty crude outline drawing, and my father hates it (duh) but it’s a reminder to myself to continue making and creating and just generally badass-ing ;) 

To see more of Laura's work visit her Instagram or Website.


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