La Tinta

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft.

I am a Mexican artist and founder of LA TINTA, based in Oakland, Ca. I do painting, surface design and illustration of plants and nature themes mainly. My current work explores the relation with environment by incorporating nature elements and fascinating colors in my paintings and patterns


What was your AHA moment?

I decided it was time to create LA TINTA when some of my art commissions got really popular. I sold around 10 artworks in just one week; that was a decisive moment in my life and I don’t regret it.


Where do you draw energy and inspiration for your work?

I am from Mexico where color surrounds our existence. I get inspiration mostly from textiles, prints, fashion and interior design.


What’s one of your favorite moments of the creative process?

The color selection is my favorite moment of the creative process. In my opinion, each work is unique; I try to incorporate vibrant colors with soft hues, which results in contrasting and surreal deep scenes.

As small business owners, I think it’s safe to say we learn as we go! What’s something you’ve learned from operating your business that you wish you could have told yourself when you started?

I wish I had paid more attention to my audience before. LA TINTA started as a hobby so I didn’t have a clear picture of my followers and wasn’t targeting my art to the right customers. As a small business owner, now I clearly understand that building your brand is just as important as creating art.


What roadblocks have you hit and overcome as a small business owner?

As a small business owner, the most difficult part is managing all the activities by myself. Being in charge of every single part of the business obliges me to prioritize and adapt to changes as required.  


What are your go-to podcasts, books or blogs?

I follow sites of fashion, art, architecture, music, photography, design such as:,,,,, dwell magazine,,,,,,

What is your favorite thing about the handmade community?

We, the handmade community understand and foster the “one of a kind” philosophy. What still amazes me about us is the spirit of collaboration and support we share.


What do you have planned for your business in the months to come? Any new projects, collabs, collections you can hint at?

I’m working really hard on releasing by the end of this year a new accessories line with my designs (bags, pouches). I’m also working on launching a brand new website where I’ll be selling directly to my customers and shipping worldwide.


Tell us about a small victory! The little things are so worthy of celebration! (Anything that made you do your happy dance.)

I can’t forget the first time I saw my art prints and cards being sold at one local store in Oakland. It’s incredible to see people buying your art and receiving great feedback about it.


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