Tell us about what you do.

I am owner and designer of the jewelry brand Hawkly, and I primarily use the ancient lost wax casting method to handcraft my pieces. I create wax models which I cast in bronze and silver and then combine with electroplated chains and select stones to create my finished pieces.


What’s your favorite thing about your creative process?

I live between an apartment in Toronto and an off-grid yurt in the countryside. I find my time up at the yurt, immersed in nature, to be my most creative space. My favourite thing about my creative process and perhaps in life, is to sit at my jeweller’s bench in the yurt, with the door open listening to the sounds of nature, while transforming my idea from concept into wax model. I can sit for hours on end carving one or many pieces and find the process to be deeply meditative and fulfilling.


How do you prepare your business for holiday season?

Clean, organize and build stock! I get teased for writing and re-writing my to-do lists, and the jury is out on whether this is my key to success or a masterful procrastination tool but having things supremely organized tricks me into feeling like I have control. I like to have my studio and home life in top working order before heading into busy seasons. I find that I can deal with curveballs and business with more grace and enjoy it all when I feel organized!

Do you have any other projects that you are excited about aside from your primary medium? 

Yes!! This month I am officially launching a creative space called Assembly in the heart of Toronto that will host workshops and events aimed at building the creative and entrepreneurial community. I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and one of things I was always craving was more community and more daily connection. I find all the creative projects and people around me to be so inspiring so wanted to create a space where we could showcase the amazing work of other makers and entrepreneurs. In an age of technology and mass production, I wanted to create a space where we could collectively explore reigniting the value of things made with love, consciousness and care.


What has been the best advice you have received in regard to running a creative business?

Be kind to yourself, trust your instincts and remember that everything takes longer than we think it should.

What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you!

I am a luddite at heart and probably belong full time up in that yurt but for some reason still am excessively entertained by emoticons.


To see more of Gillian's work visit her Instagram or Website.

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