Catching up with Grace Lee


We were lucky to have Grace Lee join us for our first pop-up event. She is living in Vancouver and creating whimsical ceramics pieces for the home. Today we catch up Grace and find out what she's been up to in her business.


Let's catch up! What have you been up to in the past couple of years?

We have moved into a larger studio this year and we are not only making work but accommodating creative workshops and culinary events.


What has been your biggest win recently?

My biggest win is always my daughter Olive. She brings me new experiences and she teaches me so much about myself.


What current trends are you loving in the handmade biz world?

The wide embrace of botany and soft, earth tones.


What are you currently reading/listening to/watching?

Podcasts rule my work life. I love Freakonomics, RadioLab and Goop. If music is playing it's African or Classical.


What’s the last thing you really geeked out about?

The possibility in more travel through invitations to give workshops in Hong Kong, Egypt and the States.


What is something you are actively working on? And how do you think you will be more effective and productive once you reach this goal?

Where to begin? For me, overcommitting is a constant struggle whether it's my own to-do list or planning out my year. I'm beginning to step back and tackle 2 or 3 tasks a day and focusing on a few big events a year. When the calendar looks very clear and concise then I can actually fit in more tasks/events around those set goals.


What has been your most valuable lesson learned in the past year?

Never assume. Always lay out the details in advance and get it in writing.


What’s your superpower?

I think I am more aware of what I say to my daughter as she takes whatever I say as law. Being a parent is a superpower and the biggest gift.


What’s the thing that excites you the most about the next six months?

The next six months will be a concentrated time for work in preparation for Christmas shows and orders and come January, I travel with my family. 

Next year we are planning on a month long journey and working towards that will be very rewarding.


 What was the greatest thing to come of being a vendor?

Being aware of the quality of artist and makers out in the world and how all of us came together in a beautiful curated group.


And for fun... You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Clay. It's an natural tone that is composed of earthy tones and it's a material that I am connected to through my work and my life.


Thanks for sharing!

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