Welcome & Important Notes


It’s our favourite time of the year — Handmade Pop-Up season!

Thank you so much for joining us for our fourth annual Winter event, and our seventh time running this show!

Inspired by people like you, we decided this online pop-up would be the perfect way to transcend geographical barriers in our artist community and band together to make shopping small and handmade more accessible and enjoyable. We believe in promoting mindfulness and intentionality in the way we create and consume goods, and we’re so happy to have you as part of this journey.

We reviewed hundreds of applicants in the process, and we’re thrilled and honoured to have you and your work included in the Winter ‘19 collection. We’re so looking forward to connecting with you and sharing space over the next few months.

A big warm welcome to our Winter ‘19 artist team!

Sam & Grace

Wooden stool with green leaves

Important Notes


We’re working with a large group of artists in a short period of time, so we kindly ask that you are mindful and respectful of the deadlines put in place. 


We do our very best to keep communication lines open, but please understand there are just two of us. We’re always an email away, but please make use of the resources we’ve provided to help ensure a smooth event. 

Your primary platform for general questions should be Slack. A handful of our artists have participated in the past and will likely be able to help you out. It’s also a great resource for connecting with one another! Please post your questions in the appropriate Slack channel to see if you can get an answer before emailing us.

We’ll always send our major communications and deadline reminders via email & Slack. Please make sure you’ve added hello@thehandmadepopup.com to your safe senders list to avoid losing emails to spam. We can not be responsible for lost/missed emails.


The best thing you can do to help make this event a success is spread the word. We’ll be sending out fresh social media graphics throughout the event and we’ve shared some promo ideas in the marketing section of the portal, so keep reading for tips on making the most of your experience. Let’s do our best over the next month to turn up the chatter and build the hype! We promise it’ll make for a more successful event for you and your fellow artists.


Above all, we want this to be a successful event for everyone involved. From past events, we’ve received consistently positive feedback on the level of support and sense of community we build. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the resources, networking, and exposure opportunities offered throughout. Get to know your fellow artists! 

Please keep in mind, as with any market, your participation in this event does not guarantee sales. While we would love nothing more than to have all our vendors walk away with sales, the people who have done the best in the past are those who actively promote and participate. This event isn’t about sitting passive and watching the sales roll in.

Community is at the core of everything we do with Handmade Pop-Up.


It is the sole responsibility of you, the artist, to research and set your shipping rates appropriately. We do not keep any portion of these set rates. We ask that all artists ship within 7 business days of the date of the order. If you’ve coordinated a longer turnaround with your buyer (particularly custom or made-to-order), please email us your estimated ship date so we can note that in our books.


Although we state throughout the site that HMPU offers no-refunds due to the seasonal nature of this business, we do believe that every customer should be heard. If the customer receives damaged goods or is unsatisfied with the product due to misrepresentation, we will allow them to make a case for refund or replacement of the product. We will do our best to facilitate as much of this as possible to take the burden off of you, however there will be some responsibilities required of you. It is very important to the integrity of this pop-up that these situations are handled by the artist in a timely manner and with respect to the customer.


You’ll be able to keep up with sales updates throughout the event. You are required to ship orders within 7 business days of the order notification, and we will have a hard shipping deadline of December 7th. If there are any unexpected delays with fulfillment, please contact your customer to communicate that.

By the end of December, all funds (minus the commission & Stripe processing fee) will be released to those who have confirmed their orders as shipped.

Once the Pop-Up is over and funds have been released, you’ll receive an email summary and survey asking about your experience with the event. It would mean everything if you could take the time to answer truthfully and honestly. We use these answers in planning our future events, so that we can continue to raise the bar and better serve our community.


We’re so thrilled to have such a talented group of artists and makers as part of this year’s W.19 event. Thank you so much for joining us and we can’t wait to connect with you over the coming weeks!