Video Tutorial: Uploading Your Listings


In these video tutorials, we’ll walk you through your Seller Dashboard and how to get your product listings uploaded.

***Please make sure you have read and prepped your listings according to the Mandatory Product Listing Guidelines before beginning the process of uploading products to your Seller Dashboard.***


Creating Your Account



  1. The first step is creating your account. By this stage, you should have received an email invitation to activate your Seller Dashboard. Follow the link in the email and it’ll bring you to the registration page.

  2. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be prompted to update your user settings. The first tab is your profile, and please keep in mind that this section is public to customers. Upload a profile picture (your logo or a photo of you is suggested), enter your business name, about section, first/last name, email, phone number, location.

  3. Complete the address tab. This information will not be visible to customers, but it is necessary to complete your account registration.

  4. [Updated] Next up is your Payment tab. This is actually where you set up what payment methods your buyers can use when purchasing your items. All sellers are required to link a Stripe account, which is the processing platform that allows customers to checkout directly via credit card, and a PayPal account should the customer prefer to pay this way. You can log in to verify an existing account, or quickly create an account on the spot.

  5. Fill out the shipping settings tab. Everyone is responsible for setting their own shipping rules and rates.
    ~ Shipping is flat rate per region and it’s up to you how you’d like to categorize and price those regions. You’ll set the cost to ship one item, and then the cost to ship any items additional items.
    ~ You’re welcome to create as many unique regions and rates as you’d like.
    ***As an online market servicing a global audience, it is mandatory that all artists ship internationally. You must end your collection of regions with a ‘REST OF WORLD’ option, which the shopper will select if they are based in any country outside of the ones in your custom regions.
    ***All prices must be set in USD, so please make sure you’re researching your exchange rates so you’re getting the amount you require to cover shipping!
    This tab will serve as your default shipping rules & rates. You’re also able to set unique shipping rates per product, which may work better for artists whose products drastically differ in weight, and therefore cost to ship. Setting unique rates per product will be addressed in the next video, where we walk you through the process of uploading your listings!


Uploading Your Listings



  1. Start by clicking the ‘Upload Listings’ tab along the top menu

  2. From the drop down menu, select the CATEGORY that best suits the product you’re uploading. This doesn’t have to be the category you applied under, it just needs to be applicable to the product you’re uploading.

  3. Enter your ITEM NAME. Aim for something unique that’ll allow it to stand out from the other products in this category. Avoid general names like “Mug” or “Plate”, and let us know what kind of mug or plate.

  4. Set your product price. Remember to price accordingly in USD, and add any taxes as applicable to you.

  5. Enter a SKU for your product (formatting is up to you)

  6. Paste in your ITEM DESCRIPTION. Please use proper capitalization and third person to maintain a sense of consistency across the shop.

  7. Upload up to 5 product photos. The first photo will be your mandatory thumbnail image (as per Product Listing Guidelines), and it must be 1:1 square ratio and shot on a light background. The rest are up to you!

  8. Specify the quantity of items in stock, or toggle YES for unlimited

  9. If this product has variants, toggle to YES. Enter up to 3 variants, and the variant choices for each one. You also have the option to add a surcharge if one variant costs more than another, which will be tacked onto the base item price.

  10. Enter your business details: about us, your name, your location, website, Instagram, and email address.

  11. Specify the shipping rules for this product. You can either use the default shipping rules and rates you set up when you registered your account, or you can build unique ones around this product. Same shipping rules apply: you must ship internationally, so you are required to have a “REST OF WORLD” option that captures any region you do not set unique rates for.