Video Tutorial: Uploading Your Listings


[Last Updated: October 1st, 2019]

In these video tutorials, we’ll walk you through your Seller Dashboard and how to get your product listings uploaded.

***Please make sure you have read and prepped your listings according to the Mandatory Product Listing Guidelines before beginning the process of uploading products to your Seller Dashboard.***


Creating Your Account



  1. The first step is creating your account. On October 1st, you will receive an email (and Slack message) to activate your Seller Dashboard. Follow the link and it’ll bring you to the login page. Click the ‘Join Now’ button and complete the required fields.

  2. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be greeted by your Dashboard. From here you’ll want to update your profile. Hover over your ‘Profile’ tab and click ‘My Account’. Complete all mandatory fields. *Note, only the following fields are customer-facing: email, seller name, seller shop name, city, country, state, short store description, and seller profile image.

  3. Next up is your ‘Payment Details’ within the ‘Profile’ tab. This is how you’ll receive your earnings. The only method we offer is payout via PayPal, so simply select that from the dropdown and enter your email address. *Please make sure it’s the email that is attached to your PayPal account!*


Uploading Your Listings



  1. Start by hovering over the ‘Products’ tab along the top menu and click ‘Products Listing’. Click ‘Add Product’.

  2. Enter your PRODUCT NAME. Aim for something unique that’ll allow it to stand out from the other products in this category. Avoid general names like “Mug” or “Plate”, and let us know what kind of mug or plate.

  3. From the drop down menu, select the PRODUCT TYPE that best suits the product you’re uploading. This doesn’t have to be the category you applied under, it just needs to be applicable to the product you’re uploading.

  4. Paste in your product DESCRIPTION. Please use proper capitalization and third person to maintain a sense of consistency across the shop. (Consult your Mandatory Listing Guidelines for full details.)

  5. Enter the weight of your product in lbs.

  6. Leave ‘Requires Shipping’ checked as ALL items should require shipping.

  7. Set your product PRICE. Remember to price accordingly in USD, and add any taxes as applicable to you.

  8. Specify the quantity of items in stock, or drop down ‘Track Inventory’ to ‘Don’t Track Inventory’ for unlimited stock.

  9. If this product has variants, click to ‘Add Variant’. Enter up to 3 variants, and the variant choices for each one. Once you ‘Save Changes’ on the listing form, you will be able to go back and edit the price, weight, SKU, quantity, and image for each variant.

  10. Upload up to 5 product photos. The first photo will be your mandatory thumbnail image (as per Product Listing Guidelines), and it must be 1:1 square ratio and shot on a light background. The rest are up to you!

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