Shipping & Fulfillment


If you’ve got orders rolling in… it’s time to start shipping them out!

Any time you make a sale, you’ll receive an email notification that includes all of the customer info required to fulfill your order. Plus, all sales details will be available via your Seller Dashboard, which is where you’ll be marking your orders Delivered. The article below will walk you through the fulfillment process.


All orders must be physically shipped to customers and marked as Delivered by June 10th. You’re also welcome to fulfill orders as they come throughout the event; June 10th is just the latest possible date all orders must be shipped, unless you have communicated to us and the customer that the item will require more time.


When you log into your Seller Dashboard, your primary Overview tab will provide a summary of your total sales and orders. You have the option to filter through the last 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.41.41 PM.png


Let’s hop into the Orders tab along the top menu. From here, you’ll be able to see a complete list of your orders. Click into any given invoice to display full order details. This will pull up a screen with the buyer’s name and address, product purchased, and total transacted. It’s here you’ll find all the info you need to send your parcel on its way!

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.11.29 PM.png


After you physically ship your order, please make sure you’re marking it as ‘Delivered’ in your Seller Dashboard. The easiest way to go about doing this is directly in the Orders tab. Refer to the ORDER STATUS column, click on the status dropdown for the invoice you’re updating, and simply toggle to ‘Delivered’. This lets us know you have successfully fulfilled your order! You can also do this within each invoice, and the dropdown menu will appear the exact same.

Unfortunately the platform doesn’t have the built in capacity to email customers a tracking number. If you did use a tracked shipping service, you will have to directly email the tracking info to your customers. Just click back into the given invoice to view the buyer’s email address.



You will be automatically paid out for each order (not as a lump sum) via your connected Stripe account. From your Orders tab, click into any given invoice to see the TRANSACTION TOTAL breakdown: amount collected, delivery fee, and 9% commission (admin) fee.


And that’s that! You sell, you ship, you earn!

✿ Thanks for your time! ✿