Shipping & Fulfillment


If you’ve got orders rolling in… it’s time to start shipping them out!

Any time you make a sale, you’ll receive an email notification that includes all of the customer info required to fulfill your order. Plus, all sales details will be available via your Seller Dashboard, which is where you’ll be marking your orders as fulfilled. The article below will walk you through the fulfillment process.


All orders should be physically shipped to customers and marked as Fulfilled within 7 business days of the order. If you have coordinated a longer turn around, please make sure you have communicated that to your customer. We have stated a hard shipping deadline of December 7th to ensure everyone receives their orders before the holidays.


When you log into your Seller Dashboard, your primary Dashboard tab will provide a summary of your total sales, orders, and other event stats.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 9.47.10 AM.png


Let’s hover over the ‘Orders’ tab along the top menu, and from there click ‘Orders Listing’. From here, you’ll be able to see a complete list of your orders. For any new orders, it should show the Payment Status as ‘Paid’ and the Fulfillment Status as ‘Unfulfilled. Click the ‘…’ and then VIEW on any given invoice to display full order details. This will pull up a screen with the buyer’s name and address, product purchased, and total transacted. It’s here you’ll find all the info you need to send your parcel on its way!

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 9.58.51 AM.png


After you physically ship your order, the next step is marking it as ‘Fulfilled’ in your Seller Dashboard. The best way to go about doing this is within the invoice for each order. So once again, hover over ‘Orders’, click ‘Orders Listing’, and then click ‘…’ and VIEW on the order you just shipped. Scroll to the very bottom of the Order Details page to the last section called Fulfillment Details and click that FULFILL button.


From here, a window will pop up to prompt you for more information. Input a tracking number if available and enter your postal service used. Click that Fulfill button once again. You’re done! This lets us know you have physically shipped your order.

*Tracking is not mandatory, but the seller will be responsible for any lost or stolen items.



You will be automatically paid out for each order via your connected PayPal account. From your ‘Orders’ tab, drop down to ‘Order Payments’ and you can see your payout details: total earned, total paid, and total due. Drop down your ‘Orders’ tab to ‘Commission Listing’ and you can see the commission (9% of product price) which is collected by HMPU. Please allow up to 10 business days for the payout to process to complete.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 10.19.28 AM.png

And that’s that! You sell, you ship, you earn!

✿ Thanks for your time! ✿

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