Mandatory Product Listing Guidelines


The fact that we have so many talented and varied artists is one of our favorite parts of all of this. But that is also one of the things that presents a challenge in running a multi-vendor marketplace! We want to keep some consistency in the way listings are presented to ensure an appeasing experience for customers.

Which is exactly what this guide is going to help in creating. We’ll start with photography, as that’s generally the area we see the most challenges. We will then talk about product descriptions before moving into particulars.

From left to right:  @ bdb.ny , @ gjenmi , @ amy_bramante

From left to right: @bdb.ny, @gjenmi, @amy_bramante


Product Photography

In general we are looking for high-quality and evenly lit photos. We like to see neutral white balance. And we want relatively clean photos. If you need to get a basic understanding of what we lean towards aesthetically, please browse through our Instagram feed or see the photos above.

To get into specifics:

  • Each listing should have a min. of two images and a max. of five

  • The first photo you upload will be your main thumbnail image. This primary photo must be:

    • Cropped1:1 ratio (square)

    • Feature the product and be as clean as possible

    • Shoot on a neutral backdrop and try to avoid overly styled shots for this one

    • Please avoid using Photoshop to totally flatten your background in order to get it white

    • All of the images pictured below would be acceptable

  • For the supporting photos we suggest (as appropriate):

    • Various angles of product

    • Close-up/detail shots

    • Styled shots (or your product in-action)

    • You’re welcome to shoot either landscape or portrait (doesn’t need to be 1:1)

  • Your image should be at least 600px on shortest edge and all images should be no more than 2MB

  • Shoot in natural light as much as possible and avoid direct light to avoid blowing out any highlights

Your primary platform for general questions should be the Facebook group: HMPU Artists Hangout. A handful of our artists have participated in the past and will likely be able to help you out. It’s also a great resource for connecting with one another! Unless you have a case-specific question, please post your questions in the Facebook group to see if you can get an answer before emailing us.

If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry! We’ll always send our major communications and deadline reminders via email. Please make sure you’ve added to your safe senders list to avoid losing emails to spam. We can not be responsible for lost/missed emails.

from left to right:  @ hersbandoilsbath , @ frandlescandles , @ mwmakes

from left to right: @hersbandoilsbath, @frandlescandles, @mwmakes


Product Descriptions

We do review every single listing between the closing of the upload window and before the shop goes live. And although, we will offer a window for revisions as necessary, we ask you to pay extra attention here as you format your listings.

Use the template below for your listings. Just copy/paste into a Doc to edit and format. Replace ALL [BRACKETED] fields with your information. Here ya go:






And a few general guidelines to keep in mind:

  • When titling your product avoid symbols or punctuation to start

    • We also suggest using something more descriptive than ‘Original Painting’

  • Please refrain from using titles longer than 4 words

  • Include dimensions, weight and size in your description, if appropriate

  • Write in 3rd person throughout description

  • Use proper capitalization throughout description

  • Don’t deviate from standard spacing/formatting

Final Thoughts

This, along with the uploading tutorial, will be enough to get you going. Please lean into our community as well—post questions that come up around photography and descriptions to the FB group. Ask if others find your copy and photos enticing. Share product titles and get feedback. We can’t emphasize enough what a unique and special opportunity this is to get direct feedback from a group of peers! What you learn here and from your fellow Spring artists will carry over well after your time with HMPU. We will also be in there to offer support, as well as during office hours.

We are thrilled to have all of you and can’t wait to start shopping alongside you!