Mandatory Product Listing Guidelines


It’s time to get your products into the shop! There’s going to be quite a bit of information to digest, so please ensure you give these Listing Guidelines a thorough read before you begin the uploading process.

The fact that we have so many talented and varied artists is one of our favorite parts of all of this, but it’s also one of the things that presents a challenge in running a multi-vendor marketplace. We aim to keep some consistency in the way listings are presented to ensure an appeasing experience for customers, which is exactly what these guidelines will help create. (Please note: if we come across listings that do not follow the guidelines provided, we do reserve the right to edit and/or remove at our discretion.)

Let’s work through the guidelines in the order they will appear on your uploading form. We recommend prepping all of your listing information in advance, that way you can simply copy and paste when the time comes to submit. So make sure you’re consulting these as you go!

*All artists get 5 product listings, and unlimited stock per listing.


  • From our list of drop-down options (you’ll find this in the uploading form), determine which category and sub-category your product best suits. This is how all of your products will be categorized in the online shop.

  • Your category does not have to match the category you applied under. They should be labelled according to each product uploaded. Note, we may also manually tag your products on the backend in order to further sub-categorize and enhance the shopping experience.


  • Come up with a unique name for each of your listings. Something like “Original Painting” isn’t descriptive enough. Consider the other paintings that will be in the shop and how your work will call out to shoppers. Please stick to a reasonable length, and capitalize appropriately for consistency.


  • Please remember: The Handmade Pop-Up always charges in USD, so all of your product pricing and shipping rates should be entered in USD. Please ensure you look into the exchange rate with your country and set your prices accordingly so you earn the money you deserve!

  • We do not charge tax in the shop. There’s no way to capture this for so many different sellers and regions, so please ensure you account for any tax required in the base price of your items.


  • You’re welcome to format this however you’d like. If you have a SKU system set in place for your inventory already, feel free to use it for easy bookkeeping. If not, your business name and the listing number always works. ex: handmadepopup-1 for the first product, etc.


  • Write in third person, use proper punctuation & capitalization, and stick to standard paragraph spacing.

  • We know all of your brands have their very own ~*~ || PERSONALITY || ~*~ but we do prefer if you avoid the use of extra embellishments and symbols in your description to maintain consistency across the Handmade Pop-Up brand and shop.

  • Be detailed in your description. Tell us about the item. What would you like to know about the product if you were a shopper? What inspired the piece? What should the buyer know about materials, colors, sizing, etc.? A thorough description that answers any questions the buyer may have will only improve your chances of closing that sale.

  • We recommend developing your descriptions in advance, that way you can simply copy and paste when the time comes to submit

  • If your products are made-to-order we ask that you still try your best to still meet the event-wide shipping deadline, since you’ll be able to monitor sales throughout the event. If you’re not able to have product prepared and shipped by the deadline, the estimated turnaround time must be clearly outlined in your item description. The buyer should know how long their order is expected to take. It wouldn’t hurt to re-iterate in your item description that due to the nature of handmade, each item is not EXACTLY the same, but they are still purchasing the product style photographed.

From left to right:  @ bdb.ny , @ gjenmi , @ amy_bramante

From left to right: @bdb.ny, @gjenmi, @amy_bramante



  • Each listing must have a min. of 2 images and a max. of 5. From a sales point of view, we highly encourage using all 5 photos, because a customer is more likely to buy a product if they can see it from a variety of angles, and in different scenarios.We have standard guidelines for 1 of those photos to ensure consistency in the shop, but the remaining photos are open.

  • The first photo you upload will be your main thumbnail image, and it must meet the guidelines below:

    • 1:1 ratio (square)

    • Clearly feature the product

    • Shot on a neutral backdrop, and avoid overly styled shots for this one

    • Please avoid using Photoshop to totally flatten your background in order to get it white - a little depth and shadow is a beautiful thing.

    • All of the images displayed down below would be acceptable ↓ 

  • For the supporting photos we suggest (as appropriate):

    • Various angles of product

    • Close-up/detail shots

    • Styled shots (or your product in-action)

    • You’re welcome to shoot either landscape or portrait (doesn’t need to be 1:1)

  • The marketplace recommended specs for photos is 600px on shortest edge and no larger than 2MB. This will help limit lag time while viewing your products in the live shop.

  • Shoot in natural light as much as possible and avoid direct light to avoid blowing out any highlights

  • In general we are looking for high-quality, natural lighting, and crisp photos. Shoot in natural light as much as possible and steer clear of direct light to avoid blowing out any highlights. If you’d like to get a basic understanding of what we lean towards aesthetically, please browse through our Instagram feed.

From left to right:  @ hersbandoilsbath , @ frandlescandles , @ mwmakes

From left to right: @hersbandoilsbath, @frandlescandles, @mwmakes



  • Determine your stock levels. How many of each item would you like to have available? There’s no cap on quantity, but please make sure you’re realistic about the number of orders you would be able to fulfill before the shipping deadline.


  • You’re allowed up to 3 variants (ex, Color) and 5 options per variant (ex. White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow). If you have more than one variant, the platform will automatically generate all combinations of variants working together. Feel free to assign a unique SKU, price, quantity, and image for each variant.

  • Please use proper capitalization when entering your variants.


  • Since you’re all located in different regions, you will each be responsible for setting your own shipping rules & rates. As a market that aims to bridge together our global online community, it is mandatory that all vendors ship international. The market pulls in shoppers from around the world and we do not want to limit their experience. 

  • When you register your account for the first time, you’ll be prompted to set up your default shipping rates, so it’s a great idea to prep all of this in advance.

    • The platform allows you to set flat-rate shipping based on region. You’ll be responsible for creating your own collection of regions, and you’re welcome to set as many or as few as you’d like — it just depends what works best for you and your products. They don’t have to be individual countries, you can always create unique regions if you know a group of countries cost a similar amount to deliver to (ex: creating an option for North America instead of Canada, USA, etc. **Please make sure your regions are very clear, because customers are required to select their own shipping option — unfortunately it’s not automatically determined when they punch in their shipping address.**

    • For each region you set, you’ll specify the cost to ship 1 item, and then the cost to ship any additional items if the customer purchases multiple items from you in one order.

    • Since shipping internationally is mandatory, you are always required to have a ‘REST OF WORLD’ option that will capture any regions you haven’t assigned unique shipping rates.

    • If you want to keep it simple, and your cost to ship internationally doesn’t drastically differ from place to place, feel free to offer flat rate international shipping. You can just create one region & rate called ‘FLAT RATE INTERNATIONAL’, and that will be the cost to ship anywhere in the world.

  • When you go to upload each of your products, the default shipping rates you enter when you set up your account will automatically be applied, but you do have the option to turn them off and build unique shipping rates for individual products. This may come in handy for artists whose products drastically differ in weight, and therefore cost to ship. Same rules applies for per product shipping: you must ship internationally, and so you must have a ‘REST OF WORLD’ option within your list of regions, or ‘FLAT RATE INTERNATIONAL’.

  • We promise, this will all make sense when you watch the video tutorials: Uploading Your Listings

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for sticking with us! We know it’s a lot of information to get through, but these guidelines, along with the video tutorials, should be enough to get you going.

Please lean into our community as well—most of us are part of the Facebook Group by now. This should be your primary platform for general questions. A handful of our artists have participated in the past and will likely be able to help you out. It’s also a great resource for connecting with one another and bouncing ideas around. Feel free to post questions that come up around photography and descriptions. Ask if others find your copy and photos enticing. Share product titles and get feedback. We can’t emphasize enough what a unique and special opportunity this is to get direct feedback from a group of peers! What you learn here and from your fellow spring artists will carry over well after your time with Handmade Pop-Up.

We’ll also be popping into the group daily to answer your questions, and we have set FB Office Hours to support you through the listings process. One of us will be online and available to answer any questions you may have about your listings or the upcoming event, real-time!


If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry! We’ll always send major communications and deadline reminders via email, and you’re welcome to swing into our inbox any time. Please make sure you’ve added to your safe senders list to avoid losing emails to spam.

We are thrilled to have all of you and can’t wait to see all of your beautiful handmade goods!

Grace & Sam ♡